Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

My bird girl sings for all to hear,

Spring has sprung, spring is here!

To sit and sip our days away,

 A dogwood's cheer will hold us dear.

We'll travel far on roads so near,

Remembering last years snow with tears,

Alas, a new spring has sprung, awaking all undone.

Her golden hues a flutter,

If only until the next shower.

And don't forget the cherry blossom's greeting,  

Who leaves you wishing you could stand her teasing.

Oh spring has come my periwinkle friend,
Spring has SPRUNG till there's no end!  

Enjoy the Season!

Poem by me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Miami Designs...

"View the World as One"

That's the motto of the eclectic Jalan Jalan design boutique in Miami's hip design district and as soon as you walk through their doors you know they mean it!

This is the outside of the boutique.
The store is located in a great spot, easy access and great food and spirits abound.
You have to go!


Recently, as I walked by the store I was struck by their window display. Having spent some years in tornado alley, I was taken by this wooden sculpture that descended from the ceiling onto this delicious sofa. As if the "tornado" was no match for this comfy sofa. And look at those pillows too!


The detail work throughout the boutique was infinite, every room felt like you had walked into a different world, yet each transitioned so beautifully. Love this yellow/mustard leather chair next to this intricate table and lamp! Although I'm not crazy about the table and lamp together...

                      Here is a little piece of Indonesia in Miami! Crazy about that splash of orange.

                                      Everywhere you looked it was just a feast on the eyes! 

                                                       Just look at this beautiful piece!

After Jalan Jalan I ventured back to Miami's famed Coral Gables, mainly near the stunning
Village at Merrick Park.  Merrick Park offers the quintessential bla bla bla high end retail boutiques but if you meander across the way on Ponce de Leon you will find Artesia 
(store sign states it is Victoria's Armoire).

                       Here you will find some killer pieces that are rustic and super charming!

                        Like this wonderful shell lamp! Who doesn't need a great shell lamp?

And this desk and chair above had me drooling!
Folks there were poeple writing BOOKS on those typewriters just a couple of years ago. CRAZYNESS!

Finally, as if I haven't spent the last several springs, falls, and winters looking for the right patio furniture, Artesia had to tease me with their Flammont outdoor collection.
Big sigh... one day something beautiful will make it to my patio area.
Until then, patience and happy search my friends!

Hope you enjoyed my inspired design moments in Miami!