Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Girona/Gerona, Where Art Thou?

Girona/Gerona, Where Art Thou?

I call your name while admiring your tempting balconies.

Longing to linger on your many bridges.

You tempt me with your friends...Ter, Onyar, Galligants and Güell. 

Wishing to blissfully meander through your quiet passage ways.  

Have that last sip of cafe con leche in the comfort of my balcon.

Devour your sweets as I stroll through your Carrer de la Forca.

Or dream of the treasures behind your sacred doors.

Dare I faintly hear the bells go ding dong, ding dong at the Church of Sant Feliu.

Or wish to spend a lazy afternoon in your handsome Parc de la Devesa.

Strolling through your most powerful towering statues.

Or best of all, enjoy your sweet breezes during siesta time.

Girona/Gerona, Where Art Thou?

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  1. Very nice, Giselle. I look forward to more glimpses of Spain in your blog.