Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Dream Home

After many years of thinking about it, taking long walks and wishing it would happen, searching endlessly for some type of miracle to occur - we finally moved into the neighborhood I have been lusting after for the past decade (maybe even more then that)! This has been a story that has taken its fair share of twist and turns, but ultimately I am left feeling as though life has a bigger plan for you and sometimes only patience allows you to listen.

Our new home comes to us filled with 50 years of happiness. Only one family has resided here since they built the home in 1963. They purchased the land from their dear friends who built their home a mere brick walk away. They were "cup of sugar" neighbors who's kids were raised together, wives delighted over their native gardens and husbands were kindred spirits. The type of "home" that for many, myself included, only exists in the pages of novels or TV sets.

A brick walkway that links the two houses in the backyard.
For a girl that has lived in 27 homes in 4 states and 5 countries, I grew up dreaming of one day living in a "forever" home. So when little girls were day dreaming of their wedding I was plotting neighborhoods that I loved, finding new bike paths that meandered through tree line streets wondering where I would rest my bones one day.  Today, after 20 days in our new abode I think this is it!

Part of my new entry hall
I hope you will join me in the upcoming months (years!) as I venture into new projects around the house and share more details of how this home came to be. Till then - many good things for the new year my friends!

View of Midtown Atlanta from Piedmont Park.

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