Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautiful things...

There are beautiful things in every corner we look. For example, last weekend when I was visiting the Roswell square I ventured into one of my fave shops, Home Grown Living. There is a young designer there called Liza that really has an eye for all things timeless, classic, fresh and with a European flair. While visiting her shop I found this wonderful rack that can be used in just about any space. I can't wait until our renovation is complete and I can explore her shop treasures with more intention....


This is a rack that I fell in love with at Home Grown Living. Also, check out the sink in the background! Beautiful!

I also stumbled upon the Roswell Antique Market on Roswell Road. This place is a treasure trove! These are some of the fun things a came will see a trend in baker racks!

Below is a great little nook where I found a lovely rustic chest with lovely hydrangeas in a traditional outdoor pot. This kiosk just warmed my heart, made me linger a while. I wish I would have taken some more pictures to share with you all. Next time!


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