Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Secret to Welcoming Spring... SOUP!

For those who know me it is no secret that I live for the next moment where I may breath Spanish air and rummage through design magazines or blogs. Well today as I was visiting two of my favorite blogs, "My Spanish Kitchen" and "Cote de Texas" I found some wonderful treats to contemplate and share with you.

First, let me start with food. We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen, among other things at the house and inevitably I miss the smells of my kitchen; sizzling caramelized onions and fresh garlic over pure Spanish olive oil with roasted red peppers and just about anything you can dream of... Yum! Can you smell it? Since our kitchen is fully gutted at this point there is nothing but cereal and pirate booty to stir up any kitchen magic. Note: Hint of sarcasm. Check out what our kitchen looks like at this very moment. Scary! 

My kitchen demo
Back to the topic at hand, food... It is cold in Atlanta, low 30's, and soups are always a great way to warm up the tummy and conjure up a sense of nostalgia. Home made soups give me hope that in every sweet savory slurp (with manners of course)  I come closer to the mild ethereal spring I crave so dearly during winter. Sad to say that only three weeks into January and I am longing for spring magnolia blooms badly.

Luckily, during our recent Spanish adventure we had some of the best soups on the planet which is why I feel that "la primavera" will be here before we know it. In the meantime, checkout Janet Mendel's blog "My Kitchen in Spain" for the most delightful caldo Gallego (Galician Soup)  recipe ever. It will warm your spirit instantly and help you plead for springs early arrival with flair!

Caldo Gallego by Janet Mendel
As for me, thank goodness I am a visual person and Mendel's blog can keep me happy until I can get back into my kitchen in SIX weeks! For the time being this is the inspirational kitchen/house aesthetic that keeps me going... the now infamous Sally Wheat kitchen featured in the Cote de Texas "Stalking the Wheat's" blog. If you haven't seen this blog posting you have to! It will melt your insides with pure lustful design palpitations!! This is the kitchen featured in the blog:
Ms. Sally Wheat's kitchen and my inspiration!

BEAUTIFUL!!! Of course mine will be done on a MAJOR budget and in a WAY smaller space but I hope to capture the main elements of style provided by the super talented designer, Ms. Sally Wheat of Houston.

What are some of your favorite design/foody blogs? Kitchens styles?

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  1. I can't wait to see how your kitchen turns out!! how exciting! I am a big fan of Smitten Kitchen's blog... amazing what she does in a small nyc kitchen.