Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend at Scott's!

For those of you not familiar with the weekend thrills of the Scott Antique Markets in south Atlanta, I must forewarn you that I believe it to be reason enough to venture to Jonesboro Rd! While not in the most glamorous side of town, the treasures that lie within the 366,000 square feet of the Atlanta Exposition Center elicit eclectic vendors from Kentucky to Paris! Ok, well maybe French enthusiast that call Birmingham, AL home. For example I found these great pans and rustic pots at the
Maison de France Antiques booth.
Aren't they fun? I loved the aged patina of these rustic pans. Of course in my mind I was thinking... can we make paella in these? HA! Then I was reminded of the beautiful bowls filled with rose petals that we found lusciously floating in antique stone pots in a wonderful little oasis called  Casa Santo Domingo hotel in Antigua, Guatemala. This is a place that knows how to make everything look like mother nature came down to personally kiss it and wrap you in magic!

This is a picture I took while visiting Casa Santo Domingo hotel in Antigua, Guatemala. 

Back to Scott's Antique Market.... here I found a little corner in the South end that had a slew of lighting pieces. So fun to rummage through!

This was such a cool and different piece that I wanted to purchase for our guest bedroom, but alas the price tag was too much for Chris to bear. In classic "Martinism" fashion he said: "Isn't that a little pricey for an old rickety dresser that has been painted that crazy color and the handles don't even match". Yep folks, that is who I married. Nothing more to say. Still love him.

On to my dinning room chair obsession. Here we found 200+ year old French provincial chairs. They were beautiful and had such an incredible taupe, grey classic color. The chairs were solid, until my 6.2' husband sat on them and felt "there is no way this is going to hold me!" Hence, the saga for the chair search continued.

Then I stumbled upon this scenic beauty. Seriously, as I browsed through Ann Miller Hopkin's Antiques on Holiday booth I fell in love with her pieces which were so put together and gorgeous (look at that oyster like lamp!) and then look at her! This woman looked like she was a piece of art in her own booth! Effortless beauty... does everyone look like that at the beach?

After walking indoors for about two hours it was time to venture OUTside - yes, Scott's has outdoor booths too. There was anything from patio furniture, to wine barrels, to boxwoods to great cast iron pieces. I tought this was great too - a mascot (not for sale) and TOP SOIL. This place has it all! This sweet little puppy made me think of my precious dear Sydney (below). We miss her so much.

Focus, Focus! Oooohhhh.... what about these chairs? They are french inspired, yet made of indestructible Brazilian oak. BINGO! I think these chairs are it for me. Dear Pascal of Pascal's of Bogart, GA (near Athens) was a super fun artist that in the process of purchasing our chairs gave us great tips for our future travels to his homeland, France. We both agreed that the undiscovered southwest area of France is a hidden destination that lends itself to blissful discoveries.
When can I pack my bags?

More fun things... like all the silver salt and pepper shakers you can ever dream of!
Well, that was some of my fun moments at Scott's last weekend. Needless to say,this is a great way to spend the second weekend of every month!! See you there next time. Till then...

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