Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inspiré Jardin Clandestine

Have you ever passed by a house or garden and just lingered? Peeped through the glass as you sighed deeply in wonderment that something can move you so much? I have those moments when I am taken aback at the beauty that abounds in the littlest of details. I live for those treasured minutes when you are caught off guard with that sense of bewilderment that the earth is our constant gift, always giving, always surprising...
So pull up a chair and join me as we peep into a secret garden....

I stumbled upon this Buckhead (Atlanta) home during an estate sale.
Don't you love these colors together? I want to create this look for our entry way...

Can you imagine beautiful glass decanters filled with delicious wines on this table?

We can drink our wine as we listen to the running water in the background.

The secret garden waits for us. What are you in the mood for?

Or we can stay in this quaint garden... who doesn't love the smell and sight of blooming wisteria?

Wouldn't you want to add this comfy daybed to that garden?
Place all your fun magazine and books in the wood baskets?
I found this while visiting the Vagabound Vintage Furnishing store at the Atlanta Mart.

Oh, and lets also add some hanging candles and place our exquisite bottles of french wine
and fresh baguettes in these tin baskets, no?

Perhaps we should take a trip to the local boulangerie....

Yummy.... so many choices.

We should keep all the goodies found in the local Boulangerie in these beautiful glass covers found at Barreveld!

       What a fun day we have had eating, cat napping, talking to the local pâtissier and just taking in life!
                                                             Lets do it again soon....

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  1. Thanks for including me--MY KITCHEN IN SPAIN-- in your blog list. I love your wisteria picture.