Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Miami Bound!

Tomorrow I head off to sunny Miami, Florida (why does Will Smith's "Welcome to Miami" song always play in my head when I mention Miami?) to welcome my sisters first baby boy.

Baby Nicholas is technically due to arrive on January 20th but he seems to be totally comfortable where he is. I am not complaining since that means I will actually get some quiet time with my sister and mom before we all become sleepless in Miami! So before he arrives, I know mom-to-be and I have a couple of to do's on our pre-baby list...

Having brunch at the Buena Vista Bistro.

Gorging ourselves on the best Argentinian empanadas outside of Argentina in Graziano's Market!

Taking the boat out for a little ride.

Enjoy our favorite Miami "sky scrapers".

Have our "last meal" at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink.

Hopefully be able to digest our yummy food by sitting by
the ocean with the warm winter sun shining down on us.
Who doesn't swoon over this view?

Even the birds love it here!

The only thing I don't like about Miami is that I miss my little girl MUCHO!
Please keep my little sister in your thoughts and wish her lots of luck and good health for our new family addition to come soon!!! We can't wait to meet you baby Nicholas. :)
Tia Gigi

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