Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inspired Life List

Every morning I start my day with my sweet Sol extending her morning snooze on my lap while I sip my coffee and soak up the heavenly life of Sharon Santoni, my favorite blogger from
I can't rationally explain it, but Sharon's blog about her beautiful country home and overall sensibilities breaths life into my soul. There is nothing better than waking up surrounded by
beautiful things instantly!  Don't you agree?

Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
Recently she dared to post a novel question...
"Can you share your life list with me?"
And by "life list" she didn't mean all those terrible lists we write about the things we want to accomplish but haven't, instead she challenged us to write a list that "draws a line, that states the way things are." Kind of scary if you think about... to put yourself out there, to let people really see you as you see yourself. To stand your ground on who YOU are...

Self portrait
So during my recent adventure to a tiny little island paradise in the middle of the comarca of Kuna Yala off the coast of Panama (also known as the San Blas Islands) I had plenty of time to reflect and write on old fashioned paper (electricity was only available from 6:00PM-10:00PM).

"Flip Flop" island
Being that today is my birthday I feel inspired to share my life list with you. If Sharon can put herself out there then she has already given me the freedom to do so as well. So here goes...

Park General San Martin in Mendoza, Argentina

Giselle's Life List
- Natures perfect gray skies during a spring storm brings out the romantic side in me.

- The successes of my loved ones are some of my proudest moments.
- My nieces and nephews embraces are sublime.
- My husband taught me how to trust & enjoy doing nothing.
- Seeing something old infused with new life inspires me.
Francis Mayes real "Under the Tuscan Sun" house in Cortona, Italy
 -Walking through my house in the silence of the morning early hours makes me feel beautiful.
- I like "special" to be the order of the day.
- The smell of fresh baked bread makes me stop in my tracks.
Perfect way to start a picnic. Images found on:
Found on Pinterest HERE
- Laughter is the best song ever written! Do it often.

- Good walks should always linger.

-Crisp linen, navy and white stripes make me weak in the knees.

Pinned Image
Somewhere in Spain... Found HERE
- When my sweet Sol stares into my eyes with those tender grey-blues, I hear her speak to me.
- When I am done... I am DONE. Stubbornly perhaps...
- My last dying wish would be to smell Sevilla's sweet azahar (Orange blossom) and jasmine while listening to the click clack of the horses feet on the cobblestone.

- I like my life to be simple, but beautiful. That just requires good people.

- I watch the same two movies every year... finding freedom in love is intoxicating!
- I can't commit to patterns on fabric.

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Perfect basics. Found HERE.
- A good wine should only be shared with good friends or people you actually like,
otherwise it's just not as enjoyable.
- I believe education is about time, patience, commitment, and exploration. It should constantly evolve. A quality education should lead to understanding and pose even deeper questions.
- Be weary of gilded things, they are the hardest to decipher.
- I cry when I land in Spain helplessly thinking I must soon leave it.
The Costa Brava
 - I love delicate "thank you" notes and stationary, but hesitate to send them because they are so personal to me. I hate to see them go.
- I'm not a good faker & I hate over explanations.
-  I am a sucker for a peaceful view!
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, OR
- I detest people with too many etiquette rules.
- A good day is a day I learn something new. A great day is a day I learn something I didn't even know I didn't know.
- Flowers from the garden always make me smile.

Pinned Image
- You can only love those you trust, but not vise versa.
- Sleep should always be on soft white linens and the bed must be made.
 - Fear is worse than the plague.
- The greatest gift is an inquisitive mind and confidently knowing your worth - on your terms.

I could go on... but I will stop right here. This has been quite a fun exercise. I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about me.
Take some time to write your life list and please do share!!
Come on.. you know you want to...


  1. Wow! love the way you have written it, very inspiring. Makes me want to take a vacation and visit those places you mentioned, hopefully one day I shall :) I love your blog too, it's peaceful the moment you enter it.. :)

    1. Vinu, Thank you for your kind comments! Traveling is such a treat but sometimes our most rewarding escapes are those closest to us. :)

      I can't wait to see your life list!

  2. I feel as though a few of those comments were direct toward me, at least I hope they were. A birthday toast: "Here's to our afternoons teas staying casual on the etiquette. Here's to good wine being shared with good friends. Here's to good walks that linger. Here's to the beautiful flowers in your garden you so graciously share with the rest of us. And, here's to keeping life simple, but beautiful." Happy birthday, friend!

  3. Great list Giselle, my favourites are 'I can't commit to patterns in fabrics' and 'fear is worse than the plague'.
    Thank you for your kind words

  4. Happy Birthday, my dear friend! I look forward to experiencing all these things again and again!