Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Blue Year!


I can hardly believe that our "little" Sol has turned the big ONE today. I remember meeting her in August of last year when she was just weeks old and instantly falling in love with her rambunctious personality.

August 2011 @ 8 weeks
When she got home for the first time she began to explore, her big blue eyes capturing every crevis of her new surroundings. Those first 2-3 weeks were filled with sleepless nights. Waking up every 2-3 hours to potty train and for the first week bearing the howls of her adopting to her new home away from her brothers, sisters, and parents. She soon settled in all to well...

Sol NOT sleeping in her bed! Clearly the pillows did not serve as a barrier.
From the start she LOVED playing outside and practiced her "sit" often.
@ 3 months

 Practicing "lay down" with class.

Going for rides became her favorite pass time.

By September she was ready for morning rides to school with Bennett.
@ 4 months she was finally understanding "leave it". This was a tough one...

Sol letting dad know that she wanted to be included in his nap.

@ 5 months Sol was allowed to have 1 chair in the house.
And she LOVES laying in it and watching the birds & squirrels outside.

By November's falling leaves my little girl was really getting big! @ 5 months
By January Sol was starting to find her "attitude". @ 7 months

She began to outgrow her chair - but she didn't care. It was still her favorite spot!

By February she was a head above the bridge. @ 8 months

After a day a playing, both of us needed a nap, however, Sol was not invited on the bed.
I woke up surprised to find an 80 lbs puppy snoring.
I seriously have NO idea how she got on the bed!
Totally stealth... 
When she was awake Sol became our official "greeter"!

Yep.... not giving up on her chair @ 8 months.

When I shared it may be time to leave her chair behind she practiced her best pouty puppy look. It worked.

@ 9 months she had also learned how to open the door.
Here she is letting me know she was ready for her walk!

Picture perfect @ 10 months.

Girl knows a good thing when she sees one. Too bad she got busted this time!
And you guessed it - those pouty lips greeted me. Didn't work though.

@ 11 months she became my "business partner".
Here she is telling me to shut it down and play ~ it's the weekend!

Sol has brought so much joy and conversation into our life. While she has given us some scares - there have been a couple emergency room visits - she has an incredible spirit that keeps us smiling when she is around. My favorite thing about her is that, like her mom, she always takes time to stop and smell the flowers. We love you Sol! You truly are sunshine.

Happy 1st Birthday!
We can't wait to celebrate many many more with you.

Love Great Danes like we do? Sol came to us via Victory Great Danes.
There are also great rescue sites like the Georgia Grat Dane Rescue.

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