Monday, August 29, 2011

My Favorite BLUE!

My favorite color is blue
The sight of the ocean true
I feast my eyes in sweet surprise
To see my puppy's hue was blue!

Dear friends,
Meet our sweet puppy, Sol!

Sol @ 8 weeks
She is a darling blue great dane from Victory Great Danes. We named her after the Spanish word for "sun" (Sol). She has most definitely brought great sunshine into our lives - even though our sleeping has suffered a bit. It had been 11 years since we had a puppy and to be honest we had forgotten how much work training a puppy is. Luckily, Sol has a wonderfully calm disposition and is always in great spirits. The fact that she takes to routines well is an added benefit!

We look forward to spending many years with her in our family and know that our dear Sydney is looking down on us with love as we welcome cute Sol into our life. We love her so much already!

Sol's first day at home.

Sol is such a good poser. Always ready for the paparazzi!

It was love at first kiss for daddy Chris!

Look at how big her paws are! One day she will grow into them.

She plays so well with others. Gwendolyn and Tia Alicia were so proud.

Olivia brought Sol a new toy. Sol decided to check it out before she welcomed it fully.

She was wiped out after all that fun!

Sol loves to take naps on your lap. Nice now that she is still about 10 pounds...
won't be as nice when she gets to be about 130+.

In her first week she learned how to sit. So CUTE and SMART!

Well - that is my life these days with Sol. Filled with simple, kind moments. She is so much fun. Cheers to ending the 2011 summer heat wave with our Sol! We are so happy to have her.

To keep our blue theme going I thought I should end my last summer blog post right & leave you with some of my other favorite "blue" moments...

Happy Summer's End to all!!

View from Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina headed to Ocracoke Island on the Ferry.

The famous "Welcome Hotel" in VillaFranche-sur-mer in the south of France.

Beach time in Sitges south of Barcelona, Spain.

Varenna, Italy on Lake Como.

Shell Beach in St. Barts.
Slice of heaven on Jost Van Dyke, BVI's.

Looking forward to Labor Day weekend!!

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