Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mediterranean Influence in Georgia

Recently while driving through "Ms. Daisy's" neighborhood of Druid Hills, I caught myself just snapping quick pictures of homes that spoke to me. Mind you this was not the intent of my drive... I was actually on my way to a party and got a little side tracked. It's a miracle nobody honked at me while I decided to detour and take my leisurely drive. Note to self... next time walk or at least have someone else drive so I can take better pictures!! But what can I say, there are six streets in Atlanta that take my breath away and they are all in historic Druid Hills.

Driving through the big six: Lullwater, Springdale, Oxford, Oakdale, Fairview and even Clifton just about melt me every time. The gentle slopes in the road, ooh those curves in a heavenly mist of lush green beauty, the way each home's garden effortlessly eases into the next, how Mediterranean intermingles with  Georgian neoclassical architecture from one house to the next without competing is just spectacular.

The other thing that makes Druid Hills special, perfect if you ask me, is proportion! There is not a single mcmansion anywhere to be found (very frowned upon in this neck of the wood). All the houses fit their space, kiss the landscapes they have been blessed with, settle into the backdrop of age old magnolias, elms and Frederick Olmstead's landscape master plan. These homes surprise you, evoke excitement as you watch their details come to life as you drive by. I LOVE IT! It is my favorite part of all of Atlanta. 

On days when I can't relax my mind and need a feasting of the eyes I eagerly head this way and go for a stroll with the dog or a slow drive - this always does the trick. When I arrive at my humble abode on the north end of Druid Hills I am always so thankful that there is so much beauty just down the way. Maybe one day I will own a piece of this utopia. 

In the meantime, I raced home after the party to relive my drive through pictures and realized a trend... all the houses I had snapped had the Spanish tile roofs!  I love Spanish architecture and these homes all had a unique twist on the traditional Mediterranean style. Let me know what you think...
I wish this was a better picture. The symmetry is so soft in this house.

Look at those boxwoods inviting you to come in and explore! And that pitched roof...

This beauty even had palm trees! NOT native to Atlanta in case you were wondering.
I love the orange brick with the clay tile roof. Can you tell?

This home could easily be found in Santa Fe.

This classic English home meets Spanish flair is beautiful!

As I was downloading these pics to share with you I thought about the lovely "cottages" in Sea Island, GA that I used to visit as a little girl. So many of these homes are inspired by the great Addison Mizner, who literally wrote the book on the luxurious Mediterranean style architecture that dots the Palm Beach and Boca Raton coastline and of course the Sea Island Cloister resort. These are some beauties in Sea Island that are currently up for grabs... Interested?

The Forest Cottage 202 can be yours for $2.1M.
Great wood beams and limestone fireplace can make a Georgia coastal winter delightful!

The kitchen can use a little updating but certainly workable for now. Love the basket over the fireplace & that cieling!

Dinner for two or eight! Who's cooking? Or can we order something yummy from Delany's?

I would edit the plates, but otherwise a nice office.

Good place for a nap or a movie. And look at that ceiling! Fantastic.

Sweet guest bedroom. Simple and clean lines.
This lovely home below is also for sale on Sea Island. This beauty looks like the Cloister! Wouldn't you love to live here? Wait till you see the kitchen and views!! When you move in, invite me pllleeeeaaassseee!

This is the Dune Cottage 491 on 491 Forest Road, Dune Cottage is in Ocean Forest. This one is a bargain at $2,950,000.

Simple, yet elegant kitchen. You know how I feel about blue!
Look at those arches and beams? Not to mention that splash of cool blue from the pool?
 I would personally rearrange this room so the view is focused towards the outside!

This is another view of the outside. Love that Spanish moss.

This one is Forest Cottage 307 on 100 Berwick Lane for $2.6M. Nice and private backyard. Always a must.  

This house has a great living space flow. Love that wood piece over the sofa.

Again, what's up with the sofa's being placed blocking great window views?

The dinning room was done right. Though a slightly bigger and french antiqued wood chandelier would have been my choice for the space.

Well all this house hunting has left me wanting a massage! I think we need some time at the Cloister Spa to relax...

Ahhhh, that ideal Sea Island marsh view always does it for me.

Hope you enjoyed our tour!

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